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مدل لباس ،دخترانه، مجلسی

مدل لباس ،دخترانه، مجلسی
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Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long
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NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is back!

NaPoWriMo is an annual project in which participants write a poem each day in April. It unfolds in the tradition of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, held in November) and motivates, inspires, and engages poets of all levels, genres, and backgrounds.

While a poem a day is your ultimate goal, there’s really no “right” way to participate. Start today and keep at it, and experiment as you see fit. Focus entirely on sonnets, or experiment with free verse. Participate on your own, or collaborate with others. Publish on your blog, or experiment offline.

Ideas to get started

  • Publish poems each day, focusing on a different genre each week.
  • Handwrite poems in a journal, for your eyes only.
  • Start a collective with others, plan themes for April, and publish poems on your own blogs focused on these themes.
  • Create a new blog or group site specifically for this monthly challenge.
  • Download the WordPress app for your iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device if you don’t already have one, and publish on-the-go haiku poems daily, inspired by your location.

For daily inspiration

Like last year, NaPoWriMo founder Maureen Thorson will post daily prompts on the NaPoWriMo site through the month, so head there for inspiration. You can also use our prompts at The Daily Post for a jump start each morning, and respond to each with a poem.

If you’re sharing poems online, submit your site to the NaPoWriMo showcase, so we and other participants can find you. Tag your posts with NaPoWriMo so WordPress.com users can sift through your poems in the Reader, too.

Good luck to all participants! We look forward to reading your poems this month.

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Four Features to Publish Your Poems
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Earlier today, we kicked off National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo. Since you’ll be writing a poem each day, here are four easy-to-use features in your Post Editor to help with publishing your poetry.


When you format your poems, consider blockquotes to call out bits of text. You can display text in a blockquote by placing it inside <blockquote> and </blockquote> tags in your Text Editor, or by clicking the blockquote button in your Visual Editor:


Here’s an example of how text is displayed in a blockquote:

Sifting through my Camera Roll

thousands of images not posted online

I hunt through my library

see the outtakes

and rejects of my days

the stuff I’d felt wasn’t good enough to share

yet these are the photos

unshared, unfiltered

that really tell my stories

“Fragments on Time”

Preformatted text

You can also use preformatted text to distinguish text within a post, placing it inside the <pre> and </pre> tags when drafting in your Text Editor. The blogger at City Jackdaw uses preformatted text for poetry; here’s an excerpt from a poem titled “Wolf River Blues”:

I lie on my back and watch the sky,
much as I did in childhood;
it is the same.

Back flat to the earth,
a dowsing rod of bone,
feet pointing to the sibilant stream...

In the Visual Editor, selecting text and choosing the “pre” setting in the style drop-down menu produces the same effect:

The "pre" (preformatted) setting in the style drop-down menu.

The “pre” (preformatted) setting in the style drop-down menu.

Indents and outdents

When you’re creating a post, you can indent and outdent text. In your Visual Editor, look for the Decrease indent and Increase indent buttons, just underneath the icons to insert and remove links:


It’s a simple way to play with formatting and space, like so:

I love the dance of words on the page

Hit increase indent once to move your words forward

And press it again to jump a bit further

And even more, into the future

Keep clicking Decrease indent to return to where you started

And stay in the same place

The same moment in time

If you prefer

Extra line breaks

Another easy, simple way to play with space is to add extra line breaks. The Visual Editor leaves one blank line between each paragraph. But sometimes, especially with poems or experimental prose, you want more space between your paragraphs.

To add a line break, insert &nbsp; in your Text Editor where you’d like a space to appear. You’ll add this code as many times as you want blank lines. So for example, if you want three blank lines between two paragraphs, add the following in your Text Editor:


Adding line breaks is a way to create pauses or to draw out moments in your poems, or simply to explore the dance between words and space. Note: If, after adding those spaces, you click back to the Visual Editor before publishing or updating your post, those spaces will be stripped out again.

For more tips on formatting and styling, read the support pages on styling posts and pages and the Visual Editor.

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Early Theme Adopters: Motif
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Motif is a chameleon of a theme; you can transform its appearance in seconds. Created with business owners in mind, it offers all the features you’d need for a smooth, professional site, from full-bleed featured images to a testimonial area on the homepage.

Make a few tweaks, though, and it’s just as convincing as a personal blogging theme, or for a homepage for your event or community group. Here are some examples of its incredible versatility.

Kai Squared Events

motif theme kai square events
Event planner Danielle Walker
 is using Motif for her company’s website. She’s created an elegant design that’s still warm and inviting, and that showcases her best work. The homepage sets the mood with a splashy wedding photo; scroll down a bit and you’ll read some of her clients’ reviews in the designated testimonial area.

From the homepage, a streamlined custom menu makes it easy for visitors to find all the content and information they need, from a contact form to a gallery page of Danielle’s past events.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club

motif theme duke movie club

Are you looking for an easy-to-build homepage for your event, your book club, or any other community organization? Motif might be the theme you’re looking for.

The Duke Mitchell Film Club, a monthly film event in London, created its online hub using this theme. Design touches like a custom header and featured images channel the film club’s quirky vibe. Functionality is just as important, though — and the widget areas in the homepage footer provide all the space organizers need to relay the most important information to their guests.

high countries

motif theme high countries
A homepage can also set the tone for your personal blog. Instead of opting for a traditional blog layout, Jamie O’Donnell, an expat blogger writing from Japan, chose Motif to design her own corner of the web. With just a few touches — a brief personal statement, a full-bleed featured image — visitors already get a sense of the person welcoming them.

For those ready to discover more, the menu invites readers to visit Jamie’s latest blog posts. Motif‘s clean design ensures they are highly readable, and that her striking images look great on screens both big and small.

The Petit Kitchen

motif theme petit kitchen

Of course, if you prefer to welcome your visitors with your freshest content, Motif lets you do just that, too. If you don’t create a static front page, your latest posts will be automatically displayed front and center.

Food blogger Freddi, cooking over at The Petit Kitchen, has transformed the theme into the perfect vehicle for her photo- and recipe-heavy blog. A bright, open design and a handful of well-chosen widgets keep the focus on Freddi’s yummy-looking food.

Stay tuned for more examples of sites using recently-added themes — and if there are any particular themes you’d like to see featured, feel free to leave us a comment.

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Talk about Spring thaw: you were quite the active bunch of bloggers in March. How impressive were your accomplishments last month? We dug out our solar-powered calculators and crunched some numbers. The results blew us away.

Stats to make your jaw drop

The past month was the second-wordiest of all time on WordPress.com: you wrote no fewer than 10,987,367,622 words. These made for 44,529,669 posts. Many were first posts by the more than 1.6 million new bloggers who joined us (it’s great to have you!).

We were honored to feature 260 exceptional pieces as editors’ picks on Freshly Pressed, from a history of selfies to a discussion of the death of a popular TV character — written by the actress who portrays her.

As you’d imagine, thoughtful posts inspire a great deal of interaction. This past month the community left 56,669,182 comments and clicked the Like button 8,105,067 times.

photo challenge entry from my horizon

This image by From My Horizon was an entry in last month’s popular photo challenge, “Reflections.”

Looking good, across devices

Readers view an increasing number of your posts on smartphones and tablets. This explains why so many of you tested your sites’ appearance using the Customizer’s recently introduced device previews (1,596,670 previews generated!).

You made your sites look more visually striking with 85,712 new Image Widgets, 29,605 Instagram Widgets, and 7,018 Flickr Widgets. You can now also use top-quality footage from Getty Images in your posts, and you did: you’ve embedded more than 80,000 images from Getty in less than a month.

The stuff blogs are made of

One of our favorite monthly rituals is digging into your post tags to see which topics occupied the WordPress.com hive mind.

It comes as no surprise that March Madness (4,146 tagged posts) and college basketball (9,989) were high on the list. They still lagged behind baseball, though (69,366 posts), with the buildup toward Opening Day at the end of the month.

Spring (24,054 posts) was clearly on your minds, and with it spring break (3,363), flowers (10,134), and cleaning (2,118).

relfections entry bmyshot

Another entry from the “Reflections” photo challenge, this one by bmyshot.

Parenting inspired 12,610 tagged posts, and was almost perfectly counterbalanced when you added beer (8,113) to wine (4,373). You can draw your own conclusions.

Recent Oscar winners Cate Blanchett (923 posts) and Matthew McConaughey (1,394) were popular topics of discussion — and that’s counting only those who bothered to check those tricky-to-spell last names.

Finally, sorry to disappoint all you ailurophiles (that’s cat lovers, of course): your beloved felines yet again got trounced by their canine frenemies. Dogs: 10,589; cats: 6,401. Is that a big, defiant “meow” we hear? Maybe you’ll do better in April.

Looking good under the hood

It was another exciting month for the people working on WordPress.com. We were joined by five new Automatticians in March, spread across the globe from California to Malta. Perhaps you’d like to join us, too?

Hemingway rewritten theme

Hemingway Rewritten, one of nine striking themes added in March.

We revamped our post editor last month, and introduced new emoticons that are already loved by millions. We also added twelve new domains that you can use to further personalize your site.

We also welcomed an impressive fresh batch of nine new themes. If you haven’t already, take a look at free themes Tonal and Hemingway Rewritten, and premium offerings Sixteen Nine, The Writer, Broadsheet, WeddingGridiculous Pro, Mina Olen, and Sweet Life.

What will the new month bring? We’re sure you’ll blow our minds once again; you always do.

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New Themes: Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger
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Our three newest themes, Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger, let you start an online magazine, showcase your photos, or build a portfolio for your personal or small-business website.

It’s Theme Thursday, and I’m excited to announce our three newest themes!

Dynamic News

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Dynamic News by ThemeZee is a responsive, multipurpose blogging and magazine theme with bold colors and fonts. When you first activate Dynamic News, it functions as a blog theme. However, you can configure it to look like a magazine theme by using its magazine page template, featured content slider, and custom widgets.



Ubud by Elmastudio is an elegant, minimalist photography theme. Its clean grid layout is a beautiful and easy way to showcase your photography, artwork, or portfolio.



Bridger by CELTIC7 is a portfolio theme for personal and small business websites. With several layout and display options, bold colors, generously-sized featured images, and a responsive design for all screen sizes, Bridger helps you create a site that’s hard to ignore.

Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger are all premium upgrades for your blog. Test drive any theme from Appearance → Themes.

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